The following Purchase Terms and Conditions, together with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, are an integral part of the Purchase Agreement between MAYANTU, owner Ana Borovic and the buyer.


For the purpose of these purchase conditions, the buyer is a physical or legal person who orders at least one product, completes the required information and pays for the ordered product offered on the website www.mayantu.eu (hereinafter: web shop, Mayantu or seller). The recipient is considered to be the person to whom the product is delivered and is different from the buyer.


By visiting and using the Mayantu Website and Webshop, you agree to the communication electronically. You agree and consent to receive electronically all communications, agreements and documents (collectively, “Communications”) that we provide in connection with your use of our services and products.
If the visitor or buyer does not have an e-mail address or enters an incorrect or for technical reasons cannot receive the e-mail, Mayantu is not obliged to otherwise try to inform the user of the order itself or of any other details related to the order, delivery, payment, refund, complaint etc.
By selecting the Subscribe to Newsletter option, you consent to give us your data electronically that we will use in our marketing activities.


Each purchased product was sold based on its description. We strive to provide the most faithful representation of the product and that the descriptions are accurate and precise. All materials, images and text are put on the website to make it easier for the buyer to make their purchase. Please note that each of our products is handmade, from wild fruits and there is always the possibility of a slight deviation, in availability, composition (+/- 5%) or packaging. This is a charm of handmade products and that gives them special value and character.

Information on vegetable oils and other products is published for informational and educational reasons only. The purpose of this information is not to provide medical advice, prescribe therapy, or make a diagnosis.
Vegetable oils and wood resins, except those for which this is emphasized in advance, are not registered as cosmetic products in the Republic of Croatia. These are raw materials – what you do with them depends on you and the limits of your knowledge. Texts and publications that suggest the oral administration of vegetable oils and wood resins are informative in nature and do not in any way serve as therapy suggestions or instructions for the use of particular products.
We take no responsibility for how you will use the information on our site. You should always consult your therapist or doctor before starting any treatment, as well as if you have questions, concerns or want to know more about your medical problem. Webshop product descriptions, texts, and publications are not medical advice or advice to diagnose, treat your problems, or how to use particular products. All information obtained from this site as well as through the contact form, forums, e-mail or telephone is at your own risk.


Product price is determined for each product individually. The prices of products listed on the webshop are retail and do not include the cost of transportation, delivery or postal services, unless otherwise noted. Shipping cost is not included in the product price. The total price of your order is composed of the price of the product + the shipping cost.
The stated prices of our products do not include the statutory VAT rate because the taxpayer is not in the VAT system.


The purchase agreement (order) between Mayantu (the seller) and the buyer is considered to be concluded when the seller receives a payment notification (by PayPal or at the time the payment is recorded in the seller’s transaction account). The seller then confirms the order by sending an electronic notification to the buyer about the status of the confirmed order. A product is considered to be ordered when the buyer has completed the entire ordering process or placed a phone order.
All orders received will be processed in local currency Croatian Kuna (HRK). The only exception is with Paypal purchases when the official currency is EURO (EUR).
The invoice will be emailed to the customer’s address.


Payment method can be selected in the last step of the process of purchasing orders. You can pay for the purchased products:

  • Payment to our bank account

You can make a payment option to our bank account by wire transfer, general money order or internet/mobile banking. Once your purchase is complete, we will process your order and send you an invoice.

The buyer must complete the following information on the payment slip:

  1. Recipient: MAYANTU vl. Ana Borovic, Dobrise Cesarica 55, 10000 ZAGREB, Croatia
  2. IBAN: HR5323600001102756914
  3. Swift number:ZABAHR2X
  4. Reference number: 99 – offer number
  • Paypal payments

Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the ordered products. Ordered products are delivered to the customer in accordance with the terms of delivery.


If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so no later than 12 hours after receiving the confirmation e-mail of the order by contacting us by e-mail: info@mayantu.hr or by phone at +385 99 249 2235.


We reserve the right to modify and change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Therefore, Users are required to review the content of the General Terms and Conditions before every use of the Website. Contrary treatment frees the Seller of any liability. These changes take effect by posting on www.mayantu.com. We reserve the right to decide what material changes relate to. If you continue to use our site after changing the terms, we believe that you agree to the new terms and they automatically apply to you.


If you have any further questions regarding these Terms and conditions please contact us at info@mayantu.hr. These Terms and conditions apply only to orders placed through the web shop at mayantu.eu.